CBS tax relief

Make a tax relief claim for your business or yourself and get the burden off your chest.

Tax Preparation Tailored To Your Company

Can’t afford to pay your taxes? Our qualified tax consultants will evaluate your situation and find the best way to handle your tax problem. We understand the hardships of going through a difficult financial situation. Therefore, we are here to lessen your burden and help you negotiate the best possible settlement with the IRS.

Tax Relief For you

Tax Relief for Individuals and Families

Do you know that there are ways to reduce your individual taxes? Contact us to learn whether you qualify for a tax relief from the IRS.

Tax Relief for Businesses & Tax-Exempt Entities

You don’t have to face the IRS alone. Let’s settle your company’s debt as low as possible while getting the best deal out of the IRS.


We take pride in making our clients happy. Read what our customers have to say.

Jenni Brand

Full disclosure – Rob Brand, President, is my husband. But, I also hired CBS to handle all of the accounting and tax work for my business, Bastille Marketing. The staff is incredibly knowledgeable and professional and kept me on track! I don’t have a full working understanding of this side of my business, so CBS became an invaluable partner. They answered all my questions and provided me with useful and realistic advice. I highly recommend them and often send referrals. (I receive no compensation for this review — it’s honestly how I feel!)

Alex Curiel

For the last 6 years Rob has been helping me with personal and small business tax filings. The service I have received is beyond professional, courteous, cost effective, and always has my needs in mind. I recommend to anyone seeking tax and accounting services to contact Rob Brand and his staff.

Rogers George

Good folks. Professional, friendly, competent, laid back. Office in a beautiful old house on the east end of downtown Newark.

Timothy Andreson

These guys are amazing!! Very knowledgeable and extremely helpful. Thank you CBS for everything!!

Jen Conway

We are using CBS for our tax prep and for our payroll services, and I cannot say enough about their responsiveness, their level of expertise, and their customer service. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Rob and his team to anyone – we are very please!!

Dr. Gregory Angermaier

I was looking to change the name of my business to make it more compatible with the services I offer my patients. I met with Rob and explained what I was looking to accomplish. Due to some unforeseen issues, Rob explained it would actually be more cost effective to create a new company rather than just changing my company name. Rob and his staff did a terrific job in getting everything set up and completed. The next time we met, all the paperwork had been completed, everything was explained in perfect detail, I was told what the next steps I needed to take were and the only thing I had to do was sign the paperwork for my new company. Thank you for making this endeavor such a smooth transition! Comprehensive Business Services saved me time and money! 

Kate Van Heest Judefind

Does a great job with all aspects of accounting, payroll and customer service. I always have all my questions answered immediately and their services are fairly priced.