Accounting & Tax For Startups 
Do you have a unique project to change the world? Do you envision yourself starting the company of your dreams and making millions of dollars? Well, you are not in the minority.
At the end of 2021, the number of start-ups established in the US had reached 840,000. Data show that the United States is the first choice of startup owners to launch their businesses.  A total of 71,153 startups are currently active in the US; this is approximately three times higher than the following nine countries combined.
However, this does not come as a surprise. The American market has all. It offers an undeniable chance of a skyrocketing performance and high-level credibility for those who are looking for a remarkable start in their journey. Numbers show that startups based in the U.S. have more access to capital and a customer base. Some states offer cheaper incorporation fees while some of them provide privacy in the documents. Startups may not even need to register as a foreign corporation in the states of operation.
Not all startup tales end well. Almost 50 million new startups launch every year. Over 85% of them end up failing due to multiple reasons, ranging from the difficulty of coping with the high level of competition to lack of investment or mismanagement. But all this is avoidable.


There is no doubt that launching a business from the scratch needs continuous and peculiar work. Licenses, legal papers, bookkeeping, taxes, deadlines, and much more are also needed to be added to the list. Let’s admit that this mountain of workload seems very intimidating for all startup owners. 
At, we offer wide range of services that would help you to build your company on a firm and healthy foundation. Working with a group of experienced advisors and tax professionals will help you save money and time. Plus, you are risking nothing. No penalties, no extra fees, no surprise expenses. 
Here are some of our services:
  • Company Formation
  • Tax Consulting and Planning
  • Personal and Corporate Tax Returns
  • Bookkeeping
  • CFO Service