Tax Planning

At CBS, one of the key steps in helping you Keep More of What You Earn is to provide tax-related advice and guidance to allow you to manage your personal and business goals effectively. Proper tax planning will ensure that you pay no more tax than the law requires. Our unparalleled customer service and knowledge of the tax industry allow us to provide you with exceptional tax service and planning. We continually monitor any changes in the tax law that could affect you or your business and recommend tax saving strategies accordingly. Tax planning is essential to all taxpayers. There are several basic tax-cutting strategies, which include:

  • Choosing the right entity and tax treatment for your specific situation.
  • Shifting income from one year to another so it will be taxed at lower rate.
  • Splitting income among several family members to get more of the income taxed in lower brackets.
  • Shifting deductions from one year to another for a greater tax benefit.
  • Deferring tax liabilities through certain investment choices and through pension plan contributions.
  • Structuring your affairs to obtain a tax deduction for expenses paid for things you enjoy - vacation home, for example.

We identify tax-saving strategies for our clients and assist in their implementation. The decision as to which entity to use and which tax election is optimal sets the foundation on which all businesses operate. If you are forming a new enterprise and want to determine the most advantageous tax treatment available or if you have an established business and want to consider fine-tuning to achieve tax savings, these are questions you must answer. Careful consideration and planning are required to anticipate the answers to such fundamental questions as:

  • How will the income that I earn from my company be taxed?
  • What are the filing requirements for my entity?
  • Do I need to put myself on payroll?
  • What options do I have for retirement accounts?

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